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About Us

Blockabase® is a user-generated and token-incentivised search engine, introducing a brand new way for search to the world wide web. One that relies on the input of all its users, rewards these users and gives them a potential financial stake in their new favorite search engine!


At a time where opaque algorithms and the misaligned companies behind them shape the world's online experience, Blockabase is dedicated to the best interests of its users and introduces egalitarianism and inclusivity to the web. Our search engine allows you, the user, to completely build up Blockabase by adding and curating the information of the world wide web, for which you are rewarded with our unique BASE token by proxy, before the token is ultimately listed on Cryptocurrency Exchanges.


As long as you are first to add any URL or Sub-URL, you are credited BASE tokens in your Blockabase Account. You can submit the first 10 urls freely and get some BASE. Then you will need to Subscribe to add unlimited URLs as an end user, to accumulate BASE tokens of potential value, for helping improve Blockabase.


Businesses who want to submit URLs through web crawling, can use our List as a Service (LaaS) utility. We do not reward businesses with BASE tokens for this feature. LaaS is extremely dynamic and allows every page url crawled to be modified! Such as url titles and url descriptions as often as you like. Navigate to our LaaS utility here and start using it to onboard your website urls into Blockabase:
https://List as a Service


Unlike other Search Engines, Blockabase does not require SEO! Instead, Blockabase search engine results pages are ranked by USERS! We are in web3 now, hence, it is end users who should determine how sites and pages should rank. They do this by upvoting, downvoting, likes, comments, sharing urls they love through social media such as facebook, linkedin and twitter, and they even get rewarded for CLICKS! Basically, Blockabase allows end users to engage with urls found in our search results and they are rewarded with BASE! Exciting huh?


Blockabase is building an Ecosystem in Web3 and several exciting new features and apps are along the way, such as Blockabase Studio, our homepage background player for streaming awesome videos you can watch with no annoying interuptions. You can clear the entire Blockabase homepage, by simply scrolling over the " eye icon " on the middle left of your screen. Enable sound and you are watching awesome videos! Each video only last up to 4 minutes max, for an engaging user experience. Anyone or company can submit videos from within their Blockabase user account, wait for approval, then make a payment for how long you'd like your video to run and stream over Blockabase Studio. Unclear screen after watching for a while and continue searching the curated web on Blockabase! Cool huh?  


BlockaAds, is our Advertising Network, for PPC & Banner Displays, BlockaPAY is our Paypal like app for payments over our search utility with thousands of merchants who may accept BTC, ETH BASE and several other Cryptocurrencies in the future. BlockaShop is our eCommerce utility and BlockaPLAY is our NFT Marketplace, and lots more, all launching between end of 2022 to end 2023.


The world has changed in Web3, and we believe users should be rewarded for helping power up utilities they use, hence the innate BASE token on Blockabase. This leads to potential income and wealth creation for end users and deeper engagement for all the millions of urls, businesses and content to be discovered through Blockabase as it grows.


To ensure we bring to market a quality Utility Token, Blockabase plans to take our BASE token through a process of Regulation in the near future. A regulated cryptocurrency token such as BASE, leads to more sustainability and value creation for all our user stakeholders helping power up the world's first tokenized search engine for Millennials & Gen Z.


Once the BASE token is listed on crypto exchanges, users who have earned, accumulated or acquired BASE over the platform will be able to sell, trade or hold their BASE tokens and enjoy any price appreciation as the utility platform grows and develops.


Learn how to start utilising Blockabase, by visiting our Blockabase Intelligence Desk here:       


Follow Blockabase on Linkedin here to learn about updates, posts and features:


Blockabase is powered by Blockchain Company. Learn more about " the company " and its startup ecosystem here:


Visit our Linkedin Blockchain Company Page here:


Contact Blockabase through email here:
blockabase "At "


Contact Blockchain Company through email here:
contact "At"


When we think about ETH Token price and valuation today, we like to imagine what BASE token price and valuation could look like on cryptocurrency exchanges tomorrow. That's why you should aim to add urls to Blockabase and earn BASE! Users are rewarded BASE tokens for being the first to add urls and sub-urls they care about to Blockabase. Users also earn BASE for clicks, upvotes, comments and social sharing of urls they added found in search results. Click Login above to Signup and start Blockabasing urls you love or care about today.

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